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To The Very End: Art & Culture Tour of Israel, Last Days

By Alyssa Kapnik The trip is nearing its end, and it’s just as densely packed and rich now as it was in the beginning.  We’ve been together as a group for so many hours, packed and unpacked our bags so … Continue reading

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The Art of Life: Art & Culture Tour of Israel, Days 6 & 7

By Alyssa Kapnik We begin our Monday with a trip to the Negev Museum of Art in Be’er Sheva.  Another former Arab city, Be’er Sheva is heavily populated with Bedouins and Palestinians, and for the first time on the tour, … Continue reading

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Moving South: the Art & Culture Tour of Israel Continues…

By Alyssa Kapnik Saturday we slept in.  We awoke to the same view we’d left the night before, but even on the second day, a panoramic look at the Old City of Jerusalem manages to overwhelm.  Breakfast on the terrace, … Continue reading

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Arriving Home: Days 3 and 4 of Art & Culture Tour of Israel

By Alyssa Kapnik Our third day began in Haifa, fresh on the bus at 8:30 in the morning.  There’s a certain amount of adrenaline associated with our mornings – we’re not staying in most of these places for more than … Continue reading

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Building Up and Breaking Down: Art & Culture Tour of Israel, Day 2

By Alyssa Kapnik This week I’m in Israel with the Mizel’s Art & Culture tour of Israel.  This morning we were in an Arab town, Umm-El Fahem, surrounded by the drawings and paintings of inexperienced young Palestinian and Arab-Israeli artists, … Continue reading

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