The Mizel Museum is a portal to the contemporary Jewish experience. Rooted in Jewish values, our exhibits, program and events promote diversity in a multicultural context through the arts.

Visit our new permanent exhibit, 4,000 Year Road Trip: Gathering Sparks, a dynamic journey through art, artifacts and digital media that narrates and illuminates Jewish history and culture.

Mizel Museum programs use Jewish art, history and ideas as a lens to exploring universal themes. Visit our website for to view our calendar of exhibits, programs and events for all ages.

Mizel Museum is located in the Hilltop neighborhood in southeast Denver at 400 S. Kearney Street.
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Babi Yar Park is project of the Mizel Museum. It is a unique public memorial landscape for gatherings, walking, biking, educational tours and quiet remembrance of world terrorism. The park serves as a vehicle for preserving, communicating and sharing the memory of historic traumas while providing conditions for healing traumatic wounds. The park is located just west of the northwest corner of East Yale Avenue and South Havana Street in Denver.
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