The Newsletter Blues: Cured

By Lisa Rimmert, Director of Marketing

I’ve worked at the Mizel Museum for three months now, and I have already delved deep into my new job, promoting the Museum’s incredible programs and events, instituting updates to our website and social media, and learning all I can about Jewish art and culture. I am currently working on the Mizel Tov, the newsletter that is mailed to thousands of the Museum’s friends and supporters three times per year. This newsletter is the largest and most collaborative project I have managed for the Museum thus far. The design is handled by our freelance graphic designer, and the content is contributed by the staff. It is my responsibility to manage the process, edit and contribute  content and act as a liaison to our designer.

Naturally, this new project had me a bit nervous, since I’m new to the Museum and want to make a good impression through my work.

I typically have a carefree personality, but I will admit to recently waking up in a frenzy after dreaming that the not-even-close-to-finished rough draft of our newsletter was accidentally mailed. Add to that some technical difficulties that have made the project a bit more complicated (yet still on track, thanks to our diligent and accommodating graphic designer), and you get one nervous marketing director.

Today is the day I had assigned to my coworkers as the deadline for newsletter content. Today is a day with potential: potential for nail-biting, potential for nagging people to turn in their assigned articles and potential for feeling overwhelmed by editing multiple pages of text from several people (each with a different writing style and individual strengths). And yet, today my nerves are calm.

Yes, I’m still waiting on a couple articles to be turned in. But 95% of them are compiled in a Word document on my computer. I haven’t finished editing them, but I read through each one this morning. Not with stress and not with a red pen, but with awe and admiration. The thoughtful construction of sentences by my coworkers, the passion that showed so clearly in their descriptions of their work, the care they put into writing about a Museum and a set of programs they obviously believe in and treasure with their full hearts – it blew me away.

With such passion for the work they do, how can these remarkable individuals go wrong? And how can I feel nervous about the product we are creating together? I don’t anymore. Yes, all of my nervousness has disappeared and what’s left is pure excitement and eagerness to complete this newsletter and get it into your hands. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did.

Look for the upcoming issue of Mizel Tov in your mailbox in January.

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