Unveil Israel with the Mizel Museum

By Georgina Kolber
Curator of Exhibits and Programsmountainside

As our third annual New Israeli Cinema series, produced in collaboration with the Denver Film Society comes to a close, I am happy to unveil Mizel Museum’s second Israel trip, scheduled March 24-April 1, 2014. The Israeli film series is a curatorial highlight, so it’s hard to see it go; as the characters, places and narratives we encountered on screen fade into memories, I find solace in knowing that in eight short months we’ll embark on a new adventure in Israel, revisiting some of the places and maybe even some of the characters we met on screen.

Like our first trip in Fall 2012, the overarching goal of the trip is to immerse travelers in a myriad of unique cultural experiences. We’ll visit artist studios, private collections, the Sderot Film Festival, and get our hands dirty in printmaking, clay and Hebrew calligraphy workshops. We’ll sleep in gorgeous boutique hotels and have time to bask in some of Israel’s most beautiful natural sites.Mizel Art Trip Day 8 and 9-39

In addition to spending time in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa, we’ll visit areas where Druze, Circassian, Cochin and Bedouin cultures thrive, allowing us to delve into Israel’s ethnic diversity. We’ll visit Daliet el Carmel, a Druze village in the Carmel Mountains. Officially recognized as a separate monotheistic religion, the Druze culture is Arab and their language Arabic. The Jews of Cochin, India, immigrated to Israel in the early 1950s. We’ll tour the Cochin Synagogue, which gives testimony to the unique history and culture of the Cochin Jews, and enjoy a Cochin Indian lunch in Kibbutz Nevatim.

We’ll visit the Circassian Museum in Reyhania for a view of Circassian culture and art. This community is comprised of Sunni Moslems, who were expelled from their homes in the Caucus Mountains in the late 19th century and who make up a group of loyal Israeli citizens. The Circassiaan community in Israel is well integrated into Israeli society while cultivating their unique heritage and culture.Mizel Art Trip Day 5-11-2

With a birth rate amongst the highest in the world, the Israeli Bedouin population has grown tenfold since the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948. When we head south to the Negev Desert, we’ll visit the Bedouin village of Lakia to meet with Bedouin women who use embroidery as a way of empowering women and their daughters who are often tasked with the responsibility of shepherding.

Read more on our website. Feel free to contact me directly at gkolber@mizelmuseum.org or (303) 749-5014with any questions or to sign up for the experience of a lifetime!

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