Ears-On Learning: World Music Camps at the Mizel Museum

by Jan Nadav
Director of Education and Interpretation

Loribeth Gregory

Loribeth Gregory

Geography, history, culture. All these big topics are explored at Mizel Museum’s Creative Journeys artist-in-residence camps. Although this subject matter sounds like it belongs at school, kids never feel like they’re in a classroom. Anything but! In two upcoming camps, Musical Globetrotters: Tuning Into the World and The Musical Tent: Shake, Rattle & Roll, campers are exposed to significant content through the vehicle of global music. Through active participation, kids get new sounds in their very bones and souls, as opposed to seeing it as just different or exotic.

Sheldon Sands

Sheldon Sands

During Musical Globetrotters, campers in grades 3-6 will be taken on a world tour with Loribeth Gregory, ethnomusicologist and music educator, who will engage them in the investigation of the science of sound, the creation of their own instruments and making music together. Kids will explore classical, popular and folk music from across history and the world—from Peru, Mali, Japan, and the US. Guest artist Jacquie Van Horne will get the kids moving through creative movement and dance connected to these places.

In Musical Tent, composer, teacher and recording artist Sheldon Sands works with a younger crew, incoming grades K-3, in a program that similarly explores music-making around the world, through making instruments and creating vocal ensembles. Jacquie Van Horne–a music and movement performer, joins Sheldon this year in teaching kids fun dance moves to these global grooves!

Jacquie Van Horne

Jacquie Van Horne

In a multimedia-based, technologically-driven society that barrages us with sounds and images, these camps help kids discern what they are hearing and be inspired by the music that moves them.

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