The Festival of Booths

Coming on the heels of the Jewish High Holidays, Sukkot or the Festival of Booths is a week-long fall festival. During Sukkot, it is customary for Jewish families and congregations to build temporary structures called Sukkahs, in their yards or courtyards, thatched roughly with palm branches or other leafy branches, and to decorate them in bright and colorful ways. Sometimes they will bring cushions and blankets out and sleep in the Sukkah.

The festival commemorates the harvest time, and the Sukkah is patterned after the temporary shelters that ancient harvesters would build in the fields during the harvest so that they would not need to travel back and forth from their homes. It is also customary to invite the memories of ancestors, and neighbors of all backgrounds, to the Sukkah to share food and conversation.

Now in its second year, the Mizel Museum is hosting Sukkahpalooza! on Sunday, October 7, 11:30 am to 2:00 pm, a program for people of all backgrounds and ages, to celebrate this joyful autumn festival. This family-friendly event will include live music with award-winning children entertainers, Bonnie Phipps and Michael DeLalla, followed by interactive theatre improvisation led by Elaine Stanley – one of the Museum’s popular artists-in-residence. Participants will also enjoy decorating the Museum’s sukkah and creating a special take-home art project.

Sukkahpalooza! is also an invitation for participants to reflect on the meaning of sharing the harvest and responding to hunger and food insecurity. The Mizel Museum will be accepting donations of nonperishable food items for local families and individuals through the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Food Pantry at Jewish Family Service.

Read more about Sukkahpalooza! HERE and register today!

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