Mizel Museum Educates High School Students About the Holocaust Through Film

Mizel Museum is presenting “Survivor Stories: Generations” on Nov. 9, at George Washington High School. Each year the museum produces the Miryam Brand Holocaust Education Film Project, bringing to Denver films and speakers from across the globe to educate students about the Holocaust. Through film the museum encourages exploration of the lessons presented by the Holocaust and genocide, such as resilience, survival and hope.

“Survivor Stories: Generations” is a collection of digital stories that will become part of the Mizel Museum’s new exhibit, 4,000 Year Road Trip: Gathering Sparks. Produced by the Mizel Museum, these four to six minute films feature Holocaust survivors and/or their children or grandchildren telling their stories of survival and resilience through words and pictures. Holocaust survivors will dialogue with high school students from across the Denver area during two 75 minute sessions at George Washington High School.

Making this program really hit home for students will be George Washington principal Loan Maas, who agreed to share her story about growing up as an immigrant child of a Vietnamese mother and an American soldier. Illustrated by two George Washington students, Maas’s story describes how prejudice and intolerance shaped her desire to become a leader whose vision of tolerance and understanding can help shape students’ lives and the world.

Miryam Brand was a Holocaust survivor and Mizel Museum volunteer whose family has chosen to carry forward her legacy through education. Read about past programs at http://www.mizelmuseum.org/honor-3/miryambrandproject/.

Brand and her family want to help ensure that society never forgets, and by educating through film, they are helping students understand that this message isn’t just about history, it’s about intolerance and prejudice — the very things that led to the Holocaust and other acts of terrorism today.

“It’s not just a history lesson,” said Deanne Kapnik, Mizel Museum project manager. “It’s a lesson about today and how important it is that we teach our children to understand, respect and care about their communities and their world.”

“Survivor Stories: Generations” will be held twice on Nov. 9, first at 10:00 am and repeated at 12:00 pm. Classes from all area schools are welcome to attend free of charge. Transportation assistance is available.

For more information contact Deanne Kapnik at (303) 749-5019 or dkapnik@mizelmuseum.org.

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