Art & Culture In Israel: Gottesman Etching Center at Kibbutz Cabri

Our travels in Israel on October 23-Nov. 2, 2011, will take us to Kibbutz Cabri for a print workshop at the Gottesman Etching Center. The Gottesman Etching Center is Located in a distinctive Western Galilee landscape overlooking mountains and sea, it is a venue for artists from Israel and abroad to produce etchings, while also attracting the art-loving public for a first hand view of etching techniques. So we’ll be viewing the prints of celebrated Israeli artists and then trying our own hands at the etching techniques of this school.

In 1996, Rachel and Dov Gottesman, art collectors who are actively involved in the fields of plastic art and music in Israel and abroad, arrived here for the first time, marking the beginning of the tie and the friendship forged by the Gottesmans with the Workshop staff and the community in Cabri. In 2000, following a meeting in New York with the American artist Jim Dine – sculptor, photographer and master printmaking artist, they initiated a master class encounter in the Etching Workshop in Kibbutz Cabri, where, together with Jim Dine, they worked with 12 Israeli artists for a period of 10 days.

This successful project led to the next one – the Artist’s Portfolios Project published by Gottesman. The first portfolio in the project was Ofer Lellouche’s “Nikanor Gates”. Lellouche had made the first contact between the Gottesmans and the Workshop. Since then, over 20 portfolios by various Israeli artists have been produced.

In 2006, the Gottesman family initiated the expansion of the etching workshop and, in collaboration with Kibbutz Cabri, built a new structure which, in addition to a work space, contains two galleries that exhibit the works produced in the workshop.

For inspiration and ideas for my own etching, I’m starting to view the works of the center’s artists! Contact me for information about the Mizel Museum’s Israel Trip,

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