Mizel Museum Sponsors Monumental Documentary of Holocaust Survival

The Mizel Museum is proud to sponsor Forgotten Transports, an extraordinary documentary series by Lucas Pribyl that explores the history of Czech Jews through their deportation and ultimate experience of Holocaust survival, airing during the Starz Denver Film Festival 2010.

Forgotten Transports is presented in four parts, each part documenting different “modes of survival” in extreme conditions, as told by men, women, families and individuals who were deported to forgotten ghettos and camps in Latvia, Belarus, Estonia and Poland. The four parts of the documentary will be shown between Nov. 5 and 13.

Each of the films in the series is designed to stand by itself and can be screened independently of the others. The Starz FilmCenter at the Tivoli is located at 900 Auraria Parkway, Denver, CO. Denver FilmCenter/Colfax is located at 2510 E. Colfax, Denver. Find detailed Starz Denver Film Festival information and purchase tickets at

Students and educators can meet Pribyl during The Making of Forgotten Transports, a special presentation for educators and students on November 4, 10:00am or 12:00pm at Hinkley High School, 1250 Chambers Road, Aurora.

The event is free for students and educators; transportation reimbursement is available. Reservations are required. For information and to register your group, call the Mizel Museum at 303.394.9993 ext. 5019.

Pribyl scoured libraries, archives and boxes of forgotten photographs, and shot hundreds of hours of video leading to the production of Forgotten Transports . During these two special sessions for students and educators, he will highlight his experience and the common threads of Holocaust survival that can apply to our lives today.

The Making of Forgotten Transports is a program of The Miryam Brand Holocaust Film Project. Miryam Brand was a Holocaust survivor who, after losing her entire family, devoted her life to educating children about the Holocaust.

Lucas Pribyl was born in 1973 in Ostrava, Czech Republic. He studied politics and Near Eastern studies at Brandies University and at Hebrew University in Jerusalem; religion and human rights at SIPA at Columbia University in New York; history at Central European University in Budapest; and Jewish religion and philosophy in Sweden. He has published on various aspects of Jewish history and curated exhibitions at the Jewish Museum in Prague. Forgotten Transports is his first film project.

After completing his education, Pribyl convinced a cinematographer to travel with him around the world to interview all of the survivors of four little known concentration camps in the “East,” to which Jews from Bohemia and Moravia had been deported. Pribyl’s work during this time had a palpable urgency because he knew that within a few years, no one who could present a firsthand history of these forgotten death camps would be alive.

Pribyl found survivors in France, England, Australia, Israel, Canada, New York, California, across the Czech Republic and even in Denver. Many had never told their stories.

Holocaust survivor and long-time Denver resident Max Lewit told Pribyl his stories of survival from Shalom Park in Denver. Lewit recalled how childhood friends betrayed him, details of his transference to a death camp, how he was lined up at the edge of a grave to be shot and how he escaped death. That same evening Max Lewit passed away. According to son-in-law Jay Feder, “Max had always indicated that he could not die until he told his story about the betrayal and abandonment of the Jews, even by friends and neighbors in Europe.” Feder said that after the long interview with Pribyl, “Max felt that his life was complete, and because he had told his story, he could die.”

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