Paula Burger Talks About the Holocaust

Had an amazing experience hearing Paula Burger talk with 250 middle school and high school kids in Denver today. Paula was a child when she and her brother were rescued from their Polish ghetto and joined the Bielski Partisan group. Her story of resilence and humanity resonated with the kids; she is, simply, a human being who was caught up in one of history’s most horrific episodes. The middle schoolers at Manny Martinez school had studied the Holocaust and were so excited to meet this woman who made history come alive for them. Paula’s warmth and genuineness made it easy for the kids to approach her and ask her a range of questions from political to quirky to heart-felt. These kids will be among the last groups in the coming years who will have an opportunity to actually meet face-to-face someone who lived through this time and can share their experiences. Such a unique and poignant 90 minutes. Hope these kids and their teachers have meaningful, deep discussions about the program.

Posted by Tia Amdurer

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