How We’re Alike and How We’re Different

By Jan Nadav, Director of Education & Interpretation

One of the surprises for me this year has been the 8th Annual Bookmark Contest. It was one more project in the long line, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to be part of it. Historically, it had been one of Janelle’s project as Director of Education. We were both buried when it came time to solidify the details with the Jewish Coalition for Literacy with the Synagogue Council of Greater Denver, our partner in this project. The theme this year came out of Digital Storytelling project and the My Self exhibit (currently on view in the museum). It was meant to get kids thinking about how they see themselves in the world: “How We’re Alike and How We’re Different.”

Thanks to the help of the volunteers of the Jewish Coalition for Literacy (a project of the Synagogue Council of Greater Denver), we had about 400 entries from several schools in the metro area. We had a small jury choose a winner and three runners-up in both categories of Kindergarten through Second Grade and Third Grade through Fifth Grade.

Prizes were purchased for each of the winners and runners-up, and each of them was given a certificate with their prize. We presented them in the kids’ classrooms, and took some pictures to mark the event. Janelle went to Place Bridge Academy(below) and
Kelly Wulf, the Mizel Museum Intern, presented Aanika Sukumar from Stanley BPS (above),and two winners at Herzl with their prizes.

The entries spanned the spectrum — from adorable to sophisticated. What stands out most for me is how revealing of each kids’ experience their entries are, especially in the older group.

There is much power in giving kids opportunities to have a voice. Call us at the museum and we’ll gladly send you a bookmark!

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