The Pinnacle of the Event Year

By Deanne Kapnik, Director of Special Events and Projects

I truly appreciate my position at the Mizel Museum. When I started, two years ago, Ellen gave me the tltle: Special Projects Manager. At first, I thought it might be a demotion from the role I was filling as Director of Events, but, as I’ve grown into the job, I see it as being far more expansive.

It includes events, and it includes getting to think outside of the box about what else interests me, what else I can do to make the museum an ever-expanding resource for the Jewish community, Denver, and (cyber space?) beyond. Digital Storytelling is a great example of a project that (in my thinking) catapulted us to another level. You can see those stories on exhibit in the museum, or you can go to our website and watch this month’s featured Stories of Resilience. They are remarkable. (See the website for more detail.) The event to which I look most forward is the Jewish Women in the Arts program.

It includes and honors so many of my highest values.
1. We feature local women artists. This has served me, personally, since I am a local woman artist. It also gives me the opportunity to share with my
community what I’m doing, as well as to provide others with a high-quality experience and venue. As the Special Projects Manager, it is my job to work with Georgina, as curator and a committee of women (from Hadassah (our partner) and the community at large) to create something to which women look forward all year.

2. We bring in nationally renown presenter(s) to present their story and work. We are changing the format a bit this year, in that we are featuring one outstanding presenter, Siona Benjamin. I can’t do justice to describing Siona. For that, you can go to the January issue of Mizel Tov and read a terrific article that Georgina wrote about her. She is also shown at the Flomenhaft Gallery in NY, where you can see that she is among giants.

The important part for us is that she is an amazingly gifted visual artist (painter) who, in her recent work has been using midrash as inspiration. She will show her work, as well as the (and this is a really exciting part) dance troupe she has gathered, who she paints, and then they dance her art.

3. We serve a delicious Kosher brunch prepared by Mark Millenson. This year, we’d like to include some East Indian flavor, in honor of our program.

4. We provide an opportunity for 400+- women to gather. We’ve learned that we have to give time for women to shop and shmooze. We’re doing that better
this year.

If you are able, you should join us this year. It is on Sunday, April 19. Registration and the art exhibit begin at 9:00. The brunch begins at 10:00, and the program at 10:30 (this is a change, in that we’re giving people time to eat before the program begins). From noon until 1:30 the exhibit will be open for shopping and shmoozing.

If you’re a woman, or if you know one, this is a Pinnacle of the Event Year.

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