Beckwourth Returns to the Museum February 12th

The Beckwourth Outdoors organization presented an exceptional living history program for the Mizel Museum during Black History month in February, 2008. The story of early Colorado pioneer, Aunt Clara Brown, came to life through an inspiring interpretation by a member of the Beckwourth living history group in character and costume. In addition, over three hundred audience members both groups of students and seniors organizations were treated to Black and Jewish music and an interesting discourse about the connections between Jews and Blacks involved in the early settlement of the state of Colorado.

Channel 9 News was also on hand to film the program and a segment was shown on the evening news. This program was also complemented by the Mizel Museum Jewish Pioneers of Colorado program, a presentation and photo exhibition highlighting the lives and achievements of early Jewish pioneers who were also involved in the early settlement of the state. Because of the popularity of both of these programs, the Mizel Museum and Beckwourth Outdoors have decided to present another version of this program for Black History Month this year on Thursday, February 12 from 10:00 – 11:30am. We are looking forward to another successful program.

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