Children of Chabannes Screens January 28 & 29

Working at the Mizel Museum has been an incredible opportunity for me. My job is creating programming that is meaningful. The mission of the museum informs the subject matter, and then, it’s about IMAGINATION! For instance, the Miryam Brand Holocaust Film Project is an annual event funded by the family of Miryam Brand in her memory. They honor her life by making Holocaust education available to middle and high school students.

This year, we are bringing in a young woman who produced and directed the documentary, Children of Chabannes. She made the film in tribute to her father and uncle, two of the children who were protected by the people of the French village during the Holocaust. Lisa Gossels is a delightfully energetic, bright and articulate artist making a difference in the world with her films. There is no doubt that she’ll inspire those who see the film and hear her speak at both the screenings on January 29, as well as the adult event at the Auraria Campus on January 28.

The program for middle and high school students will be done in style. Though it’s held at George Washington High (not as posh as it may sound), with our funding, we’re able to bring in the best in audio/visual equipment, with a 24′ screen! Our AV guy, Dave Riepe of Outdoor Cinema is an expert who elevates any event in which he’s at the controls. If you are a teacher with students who are in 6th – 12th grades, or an individual who’d like to attend, call me: Deanne Kapnik at the Mizel Museum, 303-749-5019.

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