Digital Storytelling at the Mizel Museum

The Mizel Museum is working with the Center for Digital Storytelling (CDS) to create a new, permanent exhibit November 2, 3 and 4, 2008. CDS is a non-profit organization that develops digital storytelling projects and facilitates workshops so people can create short personal narrative films (digital stories) about their life experiences.

CDS is a leader in the field of digital storytelling with over a decade of experience helping organizations and individuals create successful projects and meaningful stories. Digital storytelling incorporates a range of creative media elements, from art and storytelling to creative writing. The digital stories are created from first-person narrative scripts. Storytellers use photographs, artwork, video, recorded voice, and music to turn the script into a meaningful digital story. Digital storytelling includes technical training in video editing to help storytellers maintain control over their story at all times.

Digital storytelling workshops offer a safe, supportive environment where participants can explore their histories and experiences. Change is an inevitable part of being human, and often people lack opportunities to share and bear witness to the struggles,joys, periods of confusion, trauma, illness, change, and evolution in their lives. Digital storytelling is a creative expression of those feelings. On a personal level, the digital storytelling process can be healing and transformative on many levels. Storytelling gives individuals an opportunity to connect deeply within themselves and others at the workshop.

The goal of the Center for Digital Storytelling is to support and nurture project development that considers how best to capitalize on the transformational capacities of the stories. Beyond personal reflection and healing, digital stories are immensely useful tools that support learning and generate awareness. With careful facilitation, screenings of digital stories have the potential to generate deep and meaningful discussion. For audience members in community mobilization efforts and civic action, digital storytelling encourages broader involvement. In a more formal academic or community context, digital storytelling methods can be used to discuss local needs and to evaluate whether or not those needs are being met.

You can link to all the stories on their website:

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